(‘I knocked on hell’s door’: This is what it feels like to catch the Coronavirus) as reports suggested by Economic Times.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus, the infamous disease has taken a toll in most countries recently. It has become a global concern! The Wuhan coronavirus in China has killed so many species. Do you realize that almost six of the cities have been quarantined because of this disease in China? But do we actually know; what coronavirus is? Let’s understand this disease vividly in a better picture. Coronavirus initially came into existence in the 1960s, and nobody knew where it came from. The name originated from a crown-like structure. A lot of times, a coronavirus can infect either human beings or animals as species.


These are the large family of viruses that gives a dizzy feeling, an illness. It can range from the common cold to severe disease. Although, it spreads like the most common cold or via excessive sneezing; it can also spread when you touch the infected individual’s hands or face, or have any physical contact. However, it can also spread by touching the knobs or anything that has been affected by the infected individual.

Studies have reported that almost each one of us suffers from this infection once in our lifetime. It can range from childhood to adulthood. It has also been reported that the United States saw an alarming rate of people falling sick because of this infection during the fall or winter season.

This disease has recently been discovered as this was not previously identified in human beings. So, that’s a wrap of strain! When there was a detailed investigation, it was found out that SARS-CoV is transmitted from the civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV is transmitted from the dromedary camels. There are many other coronaviruses that are infecting the animals and yet have not opened their doors to humans.

Quick, intriguing facts on coronaviruses

  1. It’s a myth that the common cold has a cure!
  2. SARS & MERS, both infections are caused by a coronavirus.
  3. Did you know? There are seven human coronaviruses as the studies have discovered.
  4. It can impact a variety of species.
  5. This has come from China and has spread like wildfire in more than 35 countries, and the reports suggested that it has killed 774 people, approximately.

Common Symptoms of Coronavirus

There are various symptoms that one can predict such as cold or flu-like when coronavirus infection happens. The symptoms begin to reveal after two to four days, and it is often mild in nature. However, these symptoms can range from individual to individual. Many times, it can be fatal too, like we said it has already killed so many people across the globe.

Various symptoms such as,

  1. You may feel like continually sneezing
  2. Always have a runny nose and feel agitated
  3. There will be a cough that can change the voice, as well
  4. You’ll have a sore throat
  5. Weekend immune system
  6. It can give birth to asthma problems
  7. In rare cases, it is also seen that a lot of people suffer from fever

It is difficult to find out the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and public health. As it can not be cultivated in the laboratory, unlike other viruses. There’s no critical treatment, so you need to take care of yourself by avoiding junk food and gauge on healthy liquids as much as possible;

  • Try avoiding overexertion and take rest at such a duration
  • Please don’t leave your house, as it may lead to more damage!
  • Don’t visit the smoky areas. Further, adding to this, quit smoking at this duration!
  • Water is essential! Drink plenty of it.
  • If you’re suffering from severe pain, anxiety from fever; you may minimize the risk by taking ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen.
  • Don’t forget to use a cool-mist vaporizer or a humidifier for better hygiene
  • Remain in hygienic places as much as possible!

If you are still unsure of this virus and want to get diagnosed, then you may opt for an easy alternative such as taking a sample of respiratory fluids, likely to be said – mucus from the infected individual’s nose or blood.

Causes of coronavirus

The coronavirus has spread like a wildfire, and there is no doubt that you need to be extra cautious! Countries from all over the world are taking a step ahead to fight this disease, as it is contagious for health. The World Health Organisation has already declared how it has killed more than 1000 people in a flick! It can safely be termed as “deadly”. As it has crossed the toll of the outbreak. The studies also show that it has spread from one person to another, even the ones who are in close contact.

The Wuhan coronavirus can be spread even if a human touches the surface that is touched by the infected human, or even through a running nose, etc.

Can this virus be prevented or avoided?

Doctors are still discovering ways to vaccinate the deadly disease, but nonetheless, there are currently no vaccines available for this disease. All you can do is avoid the touch of the sick individual, and the contact can be via mouth, nose, eyes, etc. Try consulting your doctor, if you think there is an emergency.

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