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Skinny Fat: Is it Good or Bad for Health?

Have you tried out all sorts of diet, and visited the gym every day, yet find it challenging to get rid of that stubborn belly fat? Do you see so many disproportionately fat areas in your body? Then maybe it’s time you watch out for skinny fat. This article deals with some signs of skinny fat and what you can do to get rid of skinny fat in your body. So if you are among those people suffering from skinny fat, this article will help you.

What is ultimately this skinny fat?

Before knowing what the symptoms to watch out for are, you need to know what exactly skinny fat is. Skinny fat is more of a colloquial terminology which is used for Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW) syndrome. It is a condition in which people appear to be thin but is indeed far more obese and overweight than deemed suitable for their body and height. This, in simple terms, as highlighted by Dr. Tseng of John Hopkins University of Medicine, is a condition in which “people who fall in the normal weight category due to their height, yet have a disproportionately high proportion of fat in their body.”

Five Signs of Skinny Fat You Need to watch out for and its Solutions

By central body fat or central body obesity, I mean that you have more belly fat as compared to the rest of the body parts. How do I know this? Simply stand in front of the mirror and check yourself out. You appear normal under that top of yours. Now lift your top. If you find that you have flab and tires of fat, then it’s time to consider your health routine.

The Research revealed that the fat storage system in our body is tuned to store extra body fats and convert those extra carbohydrates into fat cells and store it in the body. Usually, this occurs throughout the body. But, if this mainly attacks the tummy area of your body, it is a major concern as the rise of fat cells in that area increases the chances of deposition of visceral adipose tissue (VAT), leading to insulin resistance in the body, which could even lead to type 2 diabetes.


Get your body moving! This is the only solution to skinny fat regarding this sign. Get ready to do some stomach exercises for your body. Research reveals that getting that body to move, with some aerobic exercises, proves to be therapeutic for not only people with diabetes but also for people suffering from the skinny fat syndrome. It increases insulin sensitivity in such people and reduces the disproportion of body fat stored in the body.

Swollen ankles are one of the many symptoms of skinny fat. Skinny fat often results from sudden gain of fat, leading your ankles to get swollen, making your lower leg appear, swollen, and in severe cases, like the keyboard of a piano. Imagine how embarrassing it gets when those kids at home, innocently and unintentionally point it out by engaging in imaginative play of playing the piano on your feet! At times, it even invites edema and at times it could lead to detrimental conditions that cannot be cured. This is why it is said that skinny fat is worse than obesity.

A solution to those swollen ankles

The only solution to those swollen ankles is sole therapy! As pointed out by research, sole therapy, along with movements like the rotation of the ankles and calf muscles, reduces the risk of swollen ankles. Often poor training habits or lack of body movement lead to swollen ankles making the body appear distorted, as in normal for the height but swollen around the ankles. Including movement of ankles, calves, and brisk walks in training at gyms or even in daily exercise helps to prevent deposition of too much fat around those ankles, and prevent future foot pain.

The health risk of skinny fat is only seen in adulthood is a downright myth. Dieticians argued that one of the many symptoms could not only be your body type but your diet and lifestyle! With the recent use of ultra-processed food in our dietary habits since childhood, skinny fat occurs not only among adults but even among children and adolescents. The research revealed that consumption of unhealthy and processed food in a daily diet like crisps, cold cut meats, fast food like hamburgers, and pizzas often leads to increased body fat levels, especially in certain areas like stomach and hips among women.


Opt for a Balanced diet People! That is the only solution to this cause of skinny fat. Modifying your lifestyle by eating fruits, vegetables, and lean white meat sources like fish, will not only provide you with essential fats for your body. But get rid of that skinny fat in your body.

Who knew that sleep deprivation is one of the many symptoms of skinny fat? The research revealed that lack of proper sleep or even deficiency of sleep for a few hours could lead to skinny fat, disturbing that circadian cycle in your body, and stimulating more storage of fat.


Get enough sleep for your body. Avoid all sorts of caffeinated drinks during the night. The Research revealed that sleep disturbance or deficiency leads to obesity and, in turn, impaired glucose tolerance, and increased oxidative stress for the body. Getting enough sleep, prevents night eating syndrome in people and promotes proper glucose metabolism, helping your body to get that required energy.

Doing activities like push-ups requires a lot of physical strength. However, you notice that you are not able to do that. If so, then there is a high chance that you have skinny fat and must do something to get rid of it. Why? Because, in skinny fat, we people concentrate on weight loss, this leads us to choose the wrong choice of exercise regiment, making us reduce our muscle mass with fat and water, decreasing our body strength and slowing our metabolism.


Engage in resistance training! Get out those kettlebells and begin your resistance training. This will help you to increase your strength and promote sleep, increasing your metabolism and fitness, helping you to get rid of that skinny fat.

Overall, skinny fat is worse than obesity and often misleads us when it comes to health. So, watch out for those cries of your body, and listen to it immediately. Try some of these solutions to lead a healthy lifestyle now!


What does the term skinny fat mean?

Skinny fat is the condition in which a person appears to fall in the normal weight category but weighs more than normal or has more fat than appropriate for the body.

How do I know that I have skinny fat?

If you have too much belly fat, swollen ankles, an unhealthy lifestyle, suffer from sleep deficiency, or have no strength to do simple activities, then you have skinny fat and need to get checked immediately.

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