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How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally?

Blood sugar is the level of sugar/glucose present in our body, which is derived from the food we consume throughout the day. Sugar is a very important nutrient that keeps our body active and energetic.  But as an excess of anything is not good, there is a normal range of blood sugar, which we should always maintain in order to maintain a healthy life. Exceeding the normal range is a matter of concern and is to be taken up seriously. High levels of blood sugar mean there is something wrong with our lifestyle and dietary habits, and maybe it is high time we bring in certain changes in the way we are leading our life. Increasing blood sugar levels is very dangerous and can give birth to various life-threatening illnesses and damage to other organs.  It is always a good idea to maintain the sugar level all the time.

Blood sugar management becomes a major issue as one gets older. Therefore, older patients should always have a regular check on their sugar level so that they don’t enter into unnecessary complications due to neglect. A monthly or quarterly sugar test should be done to keep an eye on the sugar level in the body, and accordingly, lifestyle changes and consumption habit changes may be made.

A normal range of blood sugar depends upon whether you check your sugar level while fasting or after taking food. While fasting, the normal sugar ranges from 72-99 mg/dl for nondiabetic people. For diabetic patients, it may be slightly more in fasting mode. After food intake, the normal level should remain below 180 mg/dl.

10 Quick and fast ways to reduce blood sugar levels

While medicines and insulin are there to reduce sugar level, this article focuses on some alternatives which will aim at reducing your high sugar levels.

Exercise and involving oneself in as much physical activity regularly is a great way to lower blood sugar levels. Physical exercise should be a part of the regimen of a diabetes patient. While doing exercise or physical activity like walking, the blood sugar is used up by the muscles, thereby controlling the sugar level in the body and also increasing the insulin level. Exercising includes walking dancing, walking, cycling, swimming, and any other activity which has some movement of your body and muscles. While you exert yourself with physical exercise and activities, make sure you keep yourself energized, too, by taking healthy food from time to time.

Carbohydrate-rich food includes rice, wheat, sweets, potatoes, and other vegetables high in glucose. The more carbohydrates you consume, there are high chances of your sugar levels getting elevated. When you consume carbohydrates, the digestive system breaks down the food, and the sugar gets absorbed by your body cells, hence raising your blood sugar levels in your body. Diabetic patients need to avoid food containing carbohydrates as much and maintain a healthy low-carb diet.

The root cause of high blood sugar is a high content of sugar in your body. Therefore, the first and foremost idea will be to cut down and avoid your sugar intake as much as you can. For diabetic patients, try to maintain a low-sugar or a sugar-free diet as much as you can. Avoid sugar in your tea or avoid sugary juices and beverages. You should also avoid very sugary sweet dishes, yogurt, and other items.  You don’t need to stop consuming these food items, but while choosing them, make sure to choose the type which is beneficial for a diabetic patient.

Water is an absolute essential to lower blood sugar levels. The more intake of water shall help in flushing out the unnecessary sugar from the body, and it shall be excreted with urine. Maintain a regular and routine consumption of at least 1.5 liters of water daily. But don’t over drink water as it may lead to water poisoning or water intoxication, and that can turn into a life-threatening situation too.

Tension and stress are the leading causes of high blood sugar levels, and with a growing population, more people are getting affected by it. Stress creates a lot of sugar in the body when it remains unused by the body and therefore remains in the blood.

While stress in our life is something we cannot avoid completely, there are many ways by which we can reduce stress to a great extent. Doing regular yoga, meditation, exercise, joining a laughter club, or even watching a movie can relax and destress you, which will be beneficial for your health.

If you don’t have adequate sleep after a hectic day, your blood sugar will likely show unnatural highs, and that is not a good sign in the future days to come. Not getting proper and sound sleep will reduce your growth hormones, and your body will be unable to use up all the glucose present, which will lead to an increase in sugar level. Hence, getting sound sleep for a minimum of 6-7 hours a day is a must.

If you maintain a portion-controlled diet, you will show signs of improvement in your blood sugar levels. A portion control diet will result in losing the extra pound that your body should get rid of. This will show a significant reduction in your sugar level too. The end result will be that your body will be able to utilize the insulin produced more efficiently. Indulge in a lot of non-starchy vegetables as a part of your portion-controlled diet.

Breakfast is the most important meal as it is the meal you are having after a long night’s sleep. Never skip your breakfast as skipping breakfast may lead to more insulin resistance in your body, which will increase your sugar level drastically.

Resistant starches are those that don’t get digested in the small intestine and are not absorbed by the body. Hence, resistant starch gets metabolized by the bacteria and is passed on through the large intestine. Resistant starch has shown signs of reduced blood sugar at all times. Baked potatoes, beans, lentils are good examples of resistant starch. Consume a good amount of resistant starch food to lower blood sugar.

It is always a good idea to have many small meals at regular intervals, rather than having one or two large meals. This will help in regulating your blood sugar level in your body. Your carbohydrate intake will also be proportionate to your requirement if you take frequent small meals.


So we hope you have got your answer to how to lower blood sugar easily. Diabetes can lead to many other problems in the future if not managed carefully. The problems include kidney problems, vision problems, heart disease, and nerve damages. Those who have a family history of diabetes should take special care as they are more likely to be affected by it. But, the good thing is, having a healthy lifestyle will prevent you from being affected by any of the diseases mentioned above.

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