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15 Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Back pain is experienced by all of us in some form or the other. Pain might occur in the upper, middle, or lower portion of the back, primarily due to the wrong posture while working on a computer or even seeing a TV lying on a couch. Those who have experienced pain in the lower back feel miserable and are unable even to sleep comfortably. If you ask those who have had bouts of lower back pain they will suggest some stretches that you can do at the office or home. If you ask the orthopedic doctor or the trainer at the gym, he may have a few aids or tools that can take care of your pain.

Here are simple exercises for lower back pain

One of the easiest exercises for lower back pain is doing the stretch lying on your back in the ground. Raise both your knees and hold them with your hands and pull them up to your chest. Hold them for a minute or so and then release them. It is okay if your lower back comes above the ground. You keep repeating this, and you will feel better and relieved from pain.

The most effective exercises for lower back pain is to pull up a chair and lie down on the floor with your back to the ground. Put your two feet on the chair. Be still for 10- 15 minutes. Do not use a pillow. The flow of blood from the feet to the headworks to take away the back pain.

One of the most popular exercises for lower back pain is the back twist. It can be performed on the floor or a hard bed.  Keep your hands spread, move your right leg, and bring it on to the top of the left leg. While doing this, your shoulder should not move away from the ground. In the same way, bring the left leg on to the right leg. This is sure to bring relief to your distressed body.

Lie on your back with both your legs together and hands near your body. Slowly raise your legs but with the feet on the ground. Go up as much as possible and stay like this for 15 seconds. Initially, you might need help, but with practice, it becomes easy.

The first thing your gym trainer recommends you among the various exercises for lower back pain is the use of a fitness ball. It is a huge ball on which you lie down on your stomach. Then take both your hands to your head and hold it. Slowly bend forward till you feel that your lower back has stretched. Then rise to the old position. Fitness trainers mostly recommend this back exercise.

Sitting posture twist is a slight variation of the back twist listed in the exercises for lower back pain. Here, instead of lying on the ground, you sit on the floor. Keep the right leg straight. Pull the left leg and keep it flexed over the right leg. Your spine must be kept straight. Keep your left palm on the ground and right palm on the knee of the left leg. Then twist your leg to the right and look at your left hand. Keep this stretch for a few seconds. You can do this now with the left leg kept straight. Twist towards left and look at the right hand.

Sit on a mat on your knees and hands on the floor. Now start extending your hands and bend down and do so till the palms are flat on the floor, and your forehead touches the floor. In that position, you must inhale and exhale. Two sets of these exercises for lower back pain will bring instant relief.

Here you have to lie on your stomach on the mat with face facing the floor, hands backward, and elbows pointed towards the foot. You need to slowly lift your shoulder and chest while keeping your body waist downwards on the mat. Looking towards the floor, you can inhale and exhale in that position.

This is a great exercise to strengthen your core and to get instant relief from back pain. Lift the right leg backward and point your toes back. Lift the left hand and point your fingers to the front. Breathe in and out. Repeat it with the other leg and hand.

Lean on the wall with your back and shoulder, touching the floor and foot width apart. Slide down till you are in a squat position. Hold it for a few seconds and then slide back to standing position.

Stand straight with your spine erect. Place your right leg forward and go down on your left leg with knee touching the floor and toes pointing backward. Pull in the abs and move the upper body outward. Stay in the position for a few seconds for maximum benefits.

Kneel on your legs and then exhale while bending the spine towards the ceiling. Then start lifting your chin slowly and look at the ceiling while you pull the spine inwards towards the ground.

Kneel on legs and bend over with palms touching the floor. Lift your knees by pressing on your palms and hands and align the back part of the body with the stomach and abs. You should look at the floor and align your head with upper arms. Breathe normally for a few seconds while being in this position for the best benefits.

Lie on the mat with forehead and palms touching the mat. Heels should face upwards. Lift your forehead and shoulder slowly along with your upper arms. Then slowly lift the legs and bring your arms behind and clasp both hands for support.

Though used for meditation in Yoga, this posture is said to be the best among the exercises for lower back pain.  Sit cross-legged and with erect back. Place your wrist ankles on the knee of the foot with palms facing upward, Lift one leg and place it on the thigh of the other leg near to the stomach. Lift the other leg and place it on the thigh of another leg. Breathe normally in this position for a few seconds.

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