Grown Science Nano CBD Patch Review

CBD aka cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD has been a boon to modern science as it has been revolutionizing a healthy lifestyle. CBD infused products like topical and tinctures are witnessing a rise in demand in the healthcare industry. For those who don’t like to ingest CBD products or use CBD oils, gummies, creams or lotions, the Nano CBD patch is the perfect solution. Grown Science Nano CBD Patch is a combination of CBD and other natural ingredients, formulated with the Nano technology and hydrogel.

Nano-technology is a method used by CBD manufacturers to break down the cannabinoid compounds into tiny granules. The microscopic size of Nano CBD increases the bioavailability of the product. Since the particles are small, Grown Science Nano CBD Patch allows faster delivery of CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Hydrogel technology allows CBD to be absorbed into the pores effortlessly without causing irritation. The high-water content of hydrogel gives a cooling sensation. This hydrogel adhesive makes the Nano CBD patch reusable as it holds the adhesion over a period of time.

 What Are Grown Science Nano CBD Patches?

Grown Science Nano CBD Patches are transdermal patches containing primary ingredients like wide Spectrum CBD, sunflower oil, canola oil, coconut oil, and soya bean oil. Here are the main features of Grown Science Nano CBD Patches:

  1. Made from organically grown hemp in the US.
  2. 100% liberated from THC
  3. No psychoactive effect – It means you won’t get high.
  4. Contains no latex, manufactured scents, parabens, and pesticides.

Grown Science Nano CBD patches for pain relief

CBD patches are known for their medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. When Nano CBD patches are placed on the skin, they can alleviate chronic pain. CBD patches contain permeation enhancer that allows more CBD to get through your skin. CBD patch can stimulate the endocannabinoid system and influence the CB1 and CBD2 receptors, thus, leading to pain reduction.

 Follow the steps for proper application:

  1. Clean and dry your skin before applying the CBD patch.
  2. Take the CBD patch and remove the plastic liner to apply on or near the affected areas of pain.
  3. Leave the patch on for 96 hours (4 days).
  4. To remove the patch, lift the edges and peel off. After removal, put it back on the patch liner for re-use.

You should not discard the plastic liner because CBD patches are reusable. They can be removed and reapplied multiple times. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Use and Benefits of CBD Patches

In order to maximize the benefits of Nano CBD patches, you must avoid applying them on soft areas of your skin, or areas with a thick layer of fat tissue, or open wounds. You can apply CBD patch in some ideal locations including:

  1. Wrists
  2. Lower thigh
  3. Behind the knee
  4. At the back of the neck
  5. Inside of the ankle
  6. Shoulder joints
  7. Lower back
  8. Inside of the biceps

Some of the therapeutic benefits of Grown Science Nano CBD patches are:

  1. It can reduce arthritis pain and myofascial pain.
  2. It has a soothing effect on your body.
  3. It is an effective solution for people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).
  4. Anti-inflammatory agents can work on localized pain.

FAQs –

How quickly does CBD patchwork?

CBD patch is known for its instant effects and it usually works within 20 minutes after application.

What are the side effects of CBD patches?

CBD Patchside effects include:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Appetite changes
  5. Weight loss or gain
  6. Oversleeping
  7. Skin irritation

Is Nano CBD better?

Nano CBD is better than standard CBD because it is bioavailable, which means it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

 Do CBD patches make you sleepy?

CBD patches have calming effects that can make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Where is the best place to put a CBD patch?

CBD patches work best when applied in specific areas like wrists, shoulders, and knees. Avoid using it in areas with dense skin or fat tissues like the hip joint as it will be more difficult for CBD to reach the bloodstreams.

Do CBD patches work for back pain?

CBD patches work efficiently for localized pain or inflammation in the lower back.

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