Sore Throat Allergies

Humans have different concepts about sore throats. Eventually, most of us have a prior idea that it is caused by seasonal flu or cold. But sore throats can also be a cause of Allergies that the immune system is responding to adversely.                                             What are sore throat allergies? A brief insight Sore throat allergies are […]Read More

What is allergic to water?

Allergic to water is popularly known as water urticaria. The medical term is Aquagenic Urticaria that causes itchy skin and rashes when you come in contact with water. It is one form of allergy that happens regardless of different water temperature conditions. It mainly affects people during rainy days or while taking a bath in […]Read More

10 Essential Oils for Allergies and how to use them

Essential oils are used to formulate beauty and aesthetic products used in our daily life. Little we know that their aromatic and biochemical properties can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Essential oils for allergies are the best natural ways to tackle allergic symptoms and get instant relief to bring peace of […]Read More

Dog Allergies

A dog is an adorable family member. The pet’s unconditional love just melts our hearts. The only problem having a dog is pet allergies. If any family member is allergic to the dog, it becomes really tough to cope with the situation. It has been found that almost 30% of Americans suffer from dog allergies. […]Read More

12 Top Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits you must know

Apple cider vinegar is a common ingredient in a household kitchen. It has excellent benefits as a condiment used for cooking and preparing eclectic dishes. There are astounding apple cider vinegar benefits you can add to your life apart from kitchen preparations your family likes to eat.  Scientific research and studies show a plethora of […]Read More

Eye Allergies

Eye allergies often occur in a particular season. It can happen and affect the health of a sensitive person. A person suffering from seasonal allergies can also show symptoms in the eyes. There is a sharp increase in the occurrence of eye allergies all over the world. The prime reason for an elevation in the […]Read More

Allergic conjunctivitis

When your eyes are unprotected to substances like mould spores, pollen, which may become itchy, red and watery. These are the common symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. It usually happens when a person’s eyes come into contact with an allergen which is a substance that makes the body’s immune system overreacts. This is an eye inflammation […]Read More

Allergic Asthma

Allergic Asthma that is caused by an allergic reaction to dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander etc. It is also popularly termed as allergy-induced Asthma. It happens if you are breathing troubles during the allergy environmental conditions. Sometimes, food or skin allergies lead to Asthma symptoms. Though it is harmless inhaling allergens, at this stage […]Read More

14 top foods high in vitamin D you can add

Our body needs a lot of micronutrients, including vitamins, for the proper functioning of the physiological systems. The requirement of vitamins and minerals is met by adding different food sources in our diet. One of the essential vitamins our body needs is Vitamin D. Our body is generally synthesized by using ultraviolet rays. When our […]Read More