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James is an editor and writer with an extensive history of writing the health, fitness and wellbeing industries. In his spare time he loves to keep healthy by playing football and hitting the gym.

12 Common Food Allergies And How to Treat Them


Allergies are the outcome of the immune system responding to a particular allergen. It can happen while eating something that does not comply with your digestive system. Food allergies are very common and a person susceptible to such occurrences must…

How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally?


Blood sugar is the level of sugar/glucose present in our body, which is derived from the food we consume throughout the day. Sugar is a very important nutrient that keeps our body active and energetic.  But as an excess of…

Paleo Diet Meal Plan and Things You Need to Know


Since the very beginning of human civilization, experimenting with different sources of food has led us to sustainable sources. Before that, humans used to be gatherers and hunters spending their days relying on the food they availed. One such diet…

Seasonal Allergies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Allergies occurring particularly in a season such as springtime or summer-fall are called seasonal allergies. It happens when an individual receives a stimulus from an external factor such as pollens or molds that are not present previously in other seasons.…

11 Signs and Symptoms of Ketosis You should know


A ketogenic diet is the latest fad of the millennial population. For those who are desperately trying to lose weight, following a ketogenic diet can be a miraculous way to do it. It has shown remarkable development in many individuals.…

13 Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo in 2023


Anti-dandruff Shampoo has come out as a blessing for those people who are regularly disturbed by problems of dandruff and dry scalp. The main ingredients of anti-dandruff shampoo include Zinc Pyrithione, Salicylic Acid, and Selenium Sulphide. Some brands also add…

Skinny Fat: Is it Good or Bad for Health?


Have you tried out all sorts of diet, and visited the gym every day, yet find it challenging to get rid of that stubborn belly fat? Do you see so many disproportionately fat areas in your body? Then maybe it’s…