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Sun Allergy

Sun allergy appears to be the condition in which itchy red rashes are seen on the skin due to sunlight exposure. There are many people who have a hereditary kind of sun allergy.  People, who are severely attacked by sun allergy, need to follow some preventive measures to keep themselves protected from harmful UV rays […]Read More

What are the symptoms of strep throat and how it

We live in an age where pollution is at its peak and there are several different health problems which are caused by an individual because of the same. This is the reason why sometimes a sore and scratchy throat is taken lightly by a lot of people. However, it could be a much bigger problem […]Read More

Fall Allergies

Fall Allergies usually irritate people in seasonal fall. Although it can cause disturbance to people nationwide, fall allergy is most prevalent in Midwestern and Eastern rural areas. Ragweed is considered the most effective cause of fall allergies particularly from August to September and October. Almost 75% of people are seen to suffer fall allergies due […]Read More

10 Proven Health Benefits of Apples

The noblest of all the fruits keep the doctor away, for a reason! One of the famous fruits makes it an ideal reason to include in your day-to-day diet. Besides all the health benefits, this fruit is exceptionally healthy and scientifically proven! Studies have suggested that it contains a range of nutrients such as antioxidants, […]Read More

Latest Updates on Coronavirus

The coronavirus has emerged as a chaotic disease. Let’s take you through the latest updates on this virus! On Friday, China has already reported to the publications, and more than that, 121 more deaths have tolled on the outbreak. Out of the numbers, 116 are the epicenter of this contamination in the province of Hubei. […]Read More


(‘I knocked on hell’s door’: This is what it feels like to catch the Coronavirus) as reports suggested by Economic Times. What is coronavirus? Coronavirus, the infamous disease has taken a toll in most of the countries recently. It has become a global concern! The Wuhan coronavirus in China has killed so many species. Do you […]Read More

12 Common food allergies and how to treat them

Allergies are the outcome of the immune system responding to a particular allergen. It can happen while eating something that does not comply with your digestive system. Food allergies are very common and a person susceptible to such occurrences must know the reason behind them. Eating food that causes allergy can lead to specific symptoms […]Read More

15 Natural Home Remedies for Allergies You Can Keep Handy

On classifying different types of allergies, it has been found that there are three broad categories. They fall in the respiratory, dermatological or digestive category. It means that an allergen (allergy-causing agent) can enter the respiratory system causing shortness of breath, hives or an asthma attack. On ingesting an allergen, you might feel digestive discomfort […]Read More

Seasonal Allergies: An Overview

Allergies occurring particularly in a season such as a springtime or summer-fall are called seasonal allergies. It happens when an individual receives a stimulus from an external factor such as pollens or molds that are not present previously in other seasons. Not everyone reacts to this particular condition but those do, who are sensitive to […]Read More

Winter Allergies Guide

In the months of October to January, when the temperature drops down, there is an abundance of winter allergies stinging more sharply in this season. What are winter allergies? Due to the cold and harsh weather of the winter season, you are more likely to stay at home and get yourself exposed to the indoor […]Read More